R0M30 & JU£13+

R0M30 & JU£13+ is an ‘impostor’ Romeo & Juliet, created and directed by Jamie Poskin and performed by United Broadcasting Theater Company. In the piece, live performers enact a script generated by artificial intelligence programs — mostly various types of chatterbots talking to each other and to Shakespeare’s characters. Taking a cue from the paranoia that a chatbot expresses when talking to another chatbot (“are you a human or a bot???”), the work explores questions of identity and authenticity.

R0M30 & JU£13+ work-in-progress showing excerpt:

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Production Credits

R0M30 & JU£13+
Created by Jamie Poskin the best canadian online casinos

Featuring Jason Gray Platt and Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs as Romeo and Juliet, with Edward Bauer, John Egan, Amanda Holston, James Leighton, John Quintella, Andrew Sowers, James Allister Sprang, and Elizabeth Stahlmann. real money inter slot machines

Director: Jamie Poskin
Music & Sound: Matt Schloss, Andy Sowers
Lights: Daisy Long
Video: Lucy Mackinnon
Additional Technical Elements: Jake Denney, Lily Haje
Wearable Technology Design: Niki Selken
Artificial Intelligence: Billy Zdon
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Production History

R0M30 & JU£13+
December 2013
Dixon Place
161 Chrystie Street
New York, New York prepaid visa online casino

R0M30 & JU£13+
November 2014
Cristo Rey Brooklyn
710 E 37th Street
Brooklyn, New York

R0M30 & JU£13+
November 2014
Mima Brooklyn
124 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, New York slots machines

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R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+
R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+R0M30 & JU£13+ real casino games for real money

All photos © Niki Selken


image by Uno Moralez vip casino bonus

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